Octobass is a concept company that specializes in wraps and pickguards for guitars and basses. This project was created to test wrapping an instrument with vinyl instead of covering the entire body.
Concept design for octopus wrap. The bass guitar was covered in tracing paper and the design was drawn directly on the instrument body. Then the design was lain flat and photographed and imported into Illustrator. The flat print is shown next to the flat drawing.
Final wrap on the bass. The wrap was wide format printed on matte adhesive vinyl, cut with a plotter, and applied by hand with a squeegee and heat gun.
The pickguard from the guitar was taken off and traced. A design was then drawn inside outline. The outline was scanned and traced in Illustrator and then offset by 0.03 inches to fit the base of the pickguard as shown on the right.
Final printed pickguard alone and attached to the guitar. UV flatbed printer was used to print on white matte acrylic plastic.
Stickers of the logo and jellyfish from the pickguard that were ganged and printed with the octopus wrap on the matte adhesive vinyl. 
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