Printed Tangible User Interface
For my master's thesis I created a printed tangible user interface (TUI) that could be utilized for interactive learning in primary education. The reasoning behind this experiment was to see if a working TUI could be created out of paper at a lower cost to current methods of incorporating interactivity into education.
With the growing popularity of interactive learning, an experiment developing a tangible user interface made of paper was performed. Screen printing was utilized to print conductive traces that would connect to a device that has capacitive touch capabilities. A color mixing program was coded to accompany the tangible interface. It was found that a tangible user interface can be successfully made of paper. Further research with development, construction, and testing of this paper tangible interface was proposed.
The full paper can be found here.
Color mixing paper TUI in action
Trace design and color percentage layout
Paper TUI composition and hardware setup
TUI setup and testing
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